Step One: Gather Your Health Documentation

Some examples of the records you can use to fulfill the documentation requirements are:

  • a state immunization registry or the UNC Eshelman School of Pharmacy Immunization Form are preferred.
  • your records from your undergraduate health services center
  • your output from an online health portal (portal-generated PDF) – e.g., pediatrician or primary care provider
  • an official copy of high school transcript (sometimes)

Step Two: Review The PharmD Health Documentation Requirements

You can find them here.  Overwhelmed?  Don’t panic!  You can browse the answers to some frequently asked questions here.  You can also contact us at

Step Three: Use The Health Requirement Checklist to Determine Next Steps

You can find the checklist here.  Once you’ve checked off the requirements that you have already taken care of, schedule appointments with your health care provider.  Let them know what you need from your checklist and give them a copy when you visit them.

Step Four: Collect Remaining Health Documentation

Make sure all of your documents meet these requirements:

  • The documents should include the your name, date, provider, and the vaccine name/test results.
  • The documents must be physically or electronically signed, stamped, or authorized by health care provider (no fill labels, receipts, or insurance claims forms – these are not official records).
  • The documents must be typed or electronic (no hand written records other than your TB skin test results).
  • No photographs or screen shots will be accepted; the documents must be high resolution print-quality scans or electronic records.

Step Five: Scan Your Health Documentation

Don’t forget – some good examples of the types of documents you can use can be found in Step One.  Be sure to convert all of your files to pdf form and merge them into one pdf file.

You can use software like Microsoft Office and Adobe products to convert image files to pdfs, or you can use a website like this one.

Here is a link to methods to merge pdfs.

Be careful not to download harmful software.  We recommend using Adobe Acrobat or a website rather than downloading a program (other than Acrobat).

Step Six: Submit Your Health Documentation to the School.

You will submit your documentation to RxPreceptor.  An introduction/invitation email will be sent to your UNC email alias.