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You will be charged the out of state tuition rate.

If you would like to apply for in state residency for the Fall 2017 semester, please review the UNC Residency website, and the North Carolina State Classification Manual. Print out the Residence and Tuition Status Application and submit it and supporting documentation via certified mail by May 1, 2017 to:

Mimi Lewis
UNC Eshelman School of Pharmacy
CB 7566, 109K Beard Hall
Chapel Hill, NC 27599-7566

Once we have received your application and documents, please allow us up to 4 weeks to review your application and make a determination.

If you have additional questions about your residency status, please reach out to Mimi Lewis, Coordinator of Admissions,

Frequently Asked Questions

On my Candidates’ Day schedule, my residency status was out of state but I’ve lived in NC my entire life. Can I switch to in state?

You will need to apply for in state residency status. Please follow the directions above.

What are the differences between domicile and residency?

Domicile: A person’s true, fixed, and permanent home and place of habitation of indefinite duration (for an indefinite period of time); it is the place where he or she intends and is able to remain permanently and to which, whenever the person is absent, he or she expects to return. Also known as “legal residence.”

Residence: A place of abode, whether permanent or temporary. “Permanent residence” means the legal residence or domicile, whereas “temporary residence” means one’s abode for an undetermined or temporary duration. A person may have many residences but only one permanent, legal residence (domicile).

For information about how to establish domicile in NC, please review the North Carolina State Classification Manual.

I am an out of state student, but want to establish residency in state as soon as possible. When should I move to NC?

Students should establish domicile in the state at least one year from the first day of classes of the term they intend to apply for residency. So, if you intend to apply for fall of your PY2 year (Fall 2018), the first day of classes will be around August 20, 2018 (residency guidelines go by the first day of classes for undergraduates at UNC). You will want to have established domicile in NC for the period August 20, 2017-August 20, 2018. It is always better to establish your domicile in the state early.

If I don’t apply for in state residency for the Fall 2017 semester, will I be able to apply for future semesters?

Yes, you can apply for in state residency every semester you are enrolled. The dates by which to apply are listed here.

What do I need to do to establish domicile in NC?

Please review the North Carolina State Classification Manual.

Is there a difference between a legal resident of NC and a legal resident for tuition purposes?

Yes. A legal resident is a person who comes to North Carolina and has physical presence for at least one day, with the intent on making NC his/her permanent home of indefinite duration. The person must then prove this intent by doing various overt “residentiary” acts such as acquiring a driver’s license, changing car registration, registering to vote, acquiring real property, employment and paying taxes to NC as a resident, etc.

A legal resident for tuition purposes is a student who has demonstrated that he or she has been a North Carolina legal resident for at least the twelve consecutive months immediately preceding the school term for which he or she is requesting classification of residency for tuition purposes.