Orientation and Course Registration

When will I get information on orientation and registration?

Orientation is divided into two parts. Pre-orientation will begin mid-May, and you will receive more information via email. Pre-orientation will be accessed online and will be delivered via the School’s learning management system – Sakai. Through videos, readings, and presentations you will learn more about classes, professors, student organizations, and orientation. You will be able to complete pre-orientation at your own pace, and will have from mid-May to mid-July to complete it. Orientation will begin with the Connections Cookout on the evening of August 2, 2017. The next day, August 3, 2017, is Orientation for all students in Chapel Hill. Asheville-based students will have an additional day of Orientation in Asheville on August 4, 2017. Detailed information about orientation will be provided during the online pre-orientation. New students will also complete class registration during pre-orientation. Please see the Next Steps Timeline for more information. Attendance at the Connections Cookout and Orientation is required.

Do I need to register myself for fall classes if I am already a UNC Chapel Hill student?

No, do not attempt to register for classes prior to pre-orientation. Information about registration will be provided during online pre-orientation this summer.

Campus and Academic Life

Where can I find information on campus security?

In accordance with the federal Campus Security Act (also known as the Clery Act), you can find a copy of the University’s annual campus security report by visiting the respective web page below. The report contains information on crime and arrest statistics, crime reporting and emergency warning procedures, alcohol and drug policies, sexual assault response procedures, campus police authority and jurisdiction, building security, and educational programs on crime prevention and security.

UNC Chapel Hill Campus Security Reports

To request a paper copy of the report, write to UNC Chapel Hill Security Report, CB# 9150, Chapel Hill, North Carolina 27599-9150.

For more information on the Campus Security Act please visit The Clery Center website.

UNC Asheville Public Safety Page

When can we buy our textbooks?

Textbooks are ordered in the spring by professors, and they will arrive in the summer at the bookstore. If you want to buy your textbooks ahead of time, we recommend doing so during the 1-2 weeks before classes begin. More information about textbooks will be given through our online orientation this summer.

Where can I find more information about PharmD classes?

You can find an overview of the curriculum here. More detailed information about coursework is available here.


How can I obtain an enrollment verification or certificate of education?

Please email Andrew Clapper, Student Affairs Specialist, at andrew_clapper@unc.edu.

My housing/apartment complex requires proof that I am a current student at UNC. What should I do?

Please email Andrew Clapper, Student Affairs Specialist, at andrew_clapper@unc.edu, and he can provide an enrollment verification.

Are laptops required?

Yes, a laptop is required for the program. You can find hardware and software specifications here.